Our schools offer you the chance to expand knowledge while learning new crafts for a possible future career in Performing Arts, while meeting new friends, gaining confidence and experience and most of all having loads of fun along the way.

As a creative and learning establishment, everyone who walks through our doors has an equal opportunity. We always look at the bigger picture and we would love you, as a parent or student, to see and share our vision too!

For example, if a two and a half year old starts class with us, we tend to look at the progression value for their future and wellbeing for learning. Therefore, we see every pupil from the youngest in class to nurture their talent, continue learning with us and progress right through to a senior student or mature adult, hopefully leaving with employment and/or a teaching qualification.

We have qualified, certified and registered schools which are well established (over 50 years) and are widely recognized within the Performing Arts industry in performance and achievement of successes. We are also highly recognized within three major International examination boards.

(Please note that examinations and productions are not compulsory, although if a pupil shows promise in any subject we do encourage the parent to enhance their child’s progression by either taking exams or participating in productions for technical quality and performance ability).

Parent consultations are always available by appointment!

We hope that everyone learns, progresses and above all, enjoys their time with us!

Entry to Starquest is by personal interview only by the Principal or Course Director. Applicants are carefully assessed on their individual merit and potential.

Every new pupil that registers are required to pay f
ees each time the pupil attends a class. If a pupil cannot attend for whatever reason, he/she will be required to still pay the full fee as we do not ask for a term fee up front.

Our schools are open throughout the year with exception of certain holiday periods. Notification will be given of any closures in advance to every pupil in writing at that time.

Once a pupil has participated in a class for more than four weeks, switching and changing classes is not permitted unless discussed with the principal or course director. When a new pupil commences any class their ability will be assessed and standardized for examination purposes.

If a pupil decides to leave Starquest, notification is needed in writing and submitted to the Starquest office, otherwise payment of a whole term fees are required.

The Starquest uniform is compulsory. Uniform can be ordered and purchased through the Starquest office.

A pupil will be expected to be wearing the Starquest uniform within one month of joining. Uniform can be obtained by ordering from the Starquest Office with an up front payment.

A pupil will not be entered for an examination unless he/she is thought to be ready by the Principal or Course Director.

Once examination entries have been submitted to the examining board, pupils are required to pay for these entries with immediate effect. Any failure not to abide by this procedure will result in the pupil being withdrawn from the examination session and NOT being entered for future examinations.

The only exception to this would be for bereavements, family/personal situations and medical reasons. (The latter accepted with a valid doctors note.)

Examinations are taken at the main school due to studio requirements and not at sub-branches. Alternatively, some examinations are required to be taken in London.

The examinations are entered through the International Dance Teachers Association (I.D.T.A.)  and the British Ballet Organization (B.B.O.) examining boards for dance subjects and musical theatre.
Other subjects such as drama, singing and monologue examinations are taken through the Trinity/Guildhall examining board.

If parents wish pupils and students to partake within the exam structures then it is compulsory that all pupils and students attend examination classes regularly.

Photos and Video
Pupils and students who enrol may have photos/films taken of them performing. These will be used only for Starquest promotional material including the website.

Child Protection, Welfare and Pastoral Care
All teachers in our schools are fully qualified, supervised and CRB registered with continuing CPD.

Our secretaries, chaperones and pastoral care runs in conjunction within the child protection policies of the UK.

Performing professionally
Opportunities are given for pupils and students to perform in productions operated by Starquest Entertainments. During performing any contracts, pupils are legally licenced individually by the education authorities and chaperoned by professional, licenced and qualified staff.

Any pupil that wishes to audition for an outside production company, must ask permission from the Starquest Agency and Personal Management at head office.

If a pupil is successful in an audition for an outside production, parents and pupils should be represented by the Starquest agency. This is to avoid exploitation for your child and also of our other pupils.

This licence works under the Child protection law.

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