Starquest Performers College

Starquest Performers College in Kent is one of the premier performing arts colleges in the county and only 40 minutes from central London.

We offer a one year pre-vocational performing arts course which, on completion, will give you a certificate in performing arts and the option to join the second year of our three year full-time vocational, performance based diploma with the option to include a teacher training qualification as well.

Starquest Performers College only takes a small number of entrants each year because we believe in offering a more intensive teaching experience so our students gain a greater in-depth knowledge of the curriculum with a more hands-on and concentrated pace than the larger establishments. All our experienced teachers offer exceptional teaching skills to help you achieve your goals.

Our students also spend a greater amount of their day-to-day learning time at the college. We are also much more cost-effective being a fraction of the cost of the big colleges.

See our College website for more details.

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